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Dr. Hijazi has been trusted and rated 5 stars over and over again by his patients. With 17+ years of experience and 11+ years of professional education, and thousands of smiling patients, it literally makes Dr. Hijazi an expert specialist in dental implants. We’ll help you restore your smile and confidence.

Real Patients, Real Stories.

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Missing Teeth? Fear of Dentists? Worried About Being Judged?

Are your missing teeth are lowering your self-confidence?

Are you hiding your smile or feeling embarrassed?

Are you worried about being judged by dental staff?

Are you scared of the discomfort, pain, and anxiety of visiting a dentist?

At Great Life Dental, You Won’t Have To Worry!

Our Patients Rave About Their Comfortable & Pleasant Experience!!!

Trusted Dental Implant Specialists In San Antonio Tx You Can Ask For

You’ll be happy to know the benefits of our dental implants treatment:

Lasts a lifetime

You can continue to eat and function with our dental implants just like you would with natural teeth. They are low-maintenance, durable, and will last you a lifetime.

Looks natural

We want you to smile bright and smile a lot. With our modern dental technology and highly trained dentists, your dental implants will look just like natural teeth.

Comfortable fit

The implants are custom-designed for you, so your smile will feel just as great as it looks.

Prevent bone loss

Missing teeth signal your body to reabsorb jawbone, which can cause your face to look caved in. Dental implants prevent bone loss and even encourage the jawbone to grow.

Care & Love

From the second you walk into our office, your smile will be our top priority. We are focused on providing a high-quality patient experience.

Comfort-driven experience

Say goodbye to all of your dental anxiety and hello to comfort. We offer IV sedation to help you feel relaxed. By the end of your treatment, you’ll feel like it was a walk in the park.

Get Ready To Show Off Your Bright And Confident Smile With Our Dental Implant Solutions

Real Patients, Real Stories.

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Our Dental Implant Treatments Will Make You Smile With Confidence

Types of Dental Implants:

Single Dental Implant

All on 4 implants

Implant-Supported Dentures

Full Mouth Dental Implants

Say Yes! To Smiling & Restoring The Functionality Of Your Teeth

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Smile with Confidence

You won’t be able to stop smiling once the treatment is complete. You’ll feel more confident, and you’ll love your new teeth. We can’t wait to see you smiling.

Beautiful Healthy Teeth With A Comfortable Dental Experience. What’s Not To Love? Let’s Get Started!

Our Patients Rated Us 5-Stars!

Our Patients Rated Us 5-Stars!

Changing Lives One Dental Implant At A Time

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Why Choose Great Life Dental?
We’ll give you all the reasons to decide.

Why choose us for your dental implants treatment. Smile reconstruction treatment.

Corporate Dental offices


Family Owned and operated

Doctors not behold to time limits or production threshold

All in one clinic. Surgery, Prosthetic, IV sedation and in house laboratory

Receive continuous support from our patient liaison before, during and after treatment.

*Our patient Liaison was once an implant patient of Dr. Hijazi

We guarantee our work for life. YES, FOR LIFE. No scam or fine prints.

(Excluding wear and tear, biological failure and negligence)

We will be providing you with a custom implant treatment that fits your needs. We will give you choices.

(One choice is not a choice)

The most affordable, world class, high quality dentistry.

The same happy welcoming faces all the time and every time

** Dr Hijazi has been a dentist since 2003. He has ELEVEN years of formal dental education at the graduate and postgraduate level. He is also a certified dental ceramist and licensed to provide IV sedation to his patients. Dr Hijazi has placed and restored over 3000 implants , Dr HIJazi has over 100 full mouth rehabilitation cases under his belt
*This chart reflects only what is typical in this category of clinic and may not accurately represent every clinic in the category

That’s A Lot Of Reasons To Say Yes To Great Life Dental For Your Dental Implants Treatment.

Our Dental Care Team

Fawzi Hijazi, D.D.S., Cert. Pros., B.D.S., C.D.T.

Dr. Hijazi is a Surgical Prosthodontist with over seventeen years of experience in dentistry. Dr. Hijazi has placed and restored over 3000 implants. Dr. Hijazi has eleven years of formal dental education at the graduate and post gradate level.

Cyndi Inkpen, D.H.A.

Dr. Cyndi Inkpen holds a Doctorate in Health Care Management and serves as the Patient Liaison. As a
former patient of Dr. Hijaz’s, Cyndi understands the importance of providing a sound patient education
program for patients and how life changing dental implants can be.

Makaliah Wilson, RDH

Makaliah Wilson, RDH – As a Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH), Makaliah is passionate about patient education and providing patients with tips and tools to help maintain their beautiful smiles in between visits.

Valerie Delgadillo, RDA

Valerie Delgadillo, RDA – As a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA), Valerie serves as Dr. Hijazi’s right hand in all clinical procedures. Her passion for providing superior care to patients and a true love of her
chosen field set her apart from her peers.

17 Years of Experience In Helping Patients Smile With Confidence

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